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Soophia Ansari


Hi there!

I'm a product designer who experiments, embraces mistakes, and works passionately with people and planet at the forefront.

With four years of experience at different SaaS startups, I obsess over the details, believe that asking the right question is often more important than finding the right answer, and love pulling insights from complex data to tell rich stories and make empathetic, strategic decisions.

My background is diverse; I’m a Fulbrighter, former Tesla engineer, thru-hiker (ask me about my 2,560 mile journey from Mexico to Canada), speaker of 3 languages, and advanced deep water scuba diver. Just a Pakistani-American kid navigating two cultures, languages, and countries, trying to bring my ancestors' wildest dreams to life.

My process navigates complexity through collaboration and iteration.

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Product Design, Data Visualization

Cohort Atlas Design

Interactive data visualizations that help medical systems understand prevalence of health conditions, identify highest-need populations, and more.

CityServe App Design

UX/UI Design

Connecting volunteers and nonprofits with an inclusive, community-centered and trust-based approach.

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A Pandemic Job Search
in Numbers

Data Visualization

Showing my job search story from 2020 to shed light on the process.

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CastingStudio Mobile App Redesign

Redesign of a client's mobile app, including work on user flows, MVP priorities, and wireframes.

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Product Design

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